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About Fanny

I am a foodie and I love to cook

I am curious and I love to explore

I am social and I love to meet like minded people

I am an artist by nature, journalism is my profession and styling is my hobby. And I am always in the quest to learn and explore more and more …

Started my professional career as a Journalist and worked almost three years in one of the well-known Media Houses but after moving to Dubai in 2010, I took a break from my journalism career and its then when I started give more time and focus to my blogs.

Fanny’s World started as a hobby of mine a mere time pass when I started writing about various topics in free time, which then slowly transformed into a passion, something which forced me to start putting these blogs in a more organized and regular manner. The passion has now finally turned into an addiction – an addiction to write and share my views with the like minded friends and followers of mine and their honest feedback and appreciation is the fuel that keeps this addiction going.

About Fanny's World

Welcome to Fanny’s World – An online blog which caters to almost every soul curious to know the latest trends and happenings related to Lifestyle, Fashion, Beauty, Food, People, Places, News and Events etc.

We also encourage ‘’Guest Blogs’’ for new and upcoming bloggers to give them a platform to share their views with the World. If you are interested to Collaborate, please message us.

We have also started recently the pilot run for our new Insta Magazine ‘Le Mag’ which covers all the happening events in the city from Sales to Exhibitions, Promotions to Food Jams – basically a city guide on your fingertips.