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Sparkles, Shine and Vinyl || How to Wear a ...

Oct 08, 20173 Comments

Lately, You must have seen Kardashians, Hadids, Beyonce and other Top Celebrities wearing Vinyl Clothing on and off Red Carpets. And now when Louis Vuitton

Gingham Style

Sep 11, 20178 Comments

Gingham is a classic summer staple that is sure to make its way back year after year, but this time it was massive and came

Eid Essentials

Jun 22, 20174 Comments

At the very start of This Ramadan i promised myself that i’ll finish all my Eid Preps a week before the big day. And yes


Jun 16, 20175 Comments

I like and i prefer solid colors over prints in all kinds of clothes. So a uniquely dress designed in a solid color is a

Heart to Heart

Feb 13, 20174 Comments

This time while working on Valentine’s Day issue I had different intentions! I wanted to do a DIY for Valentine’s special outfit. And thankfully I

Falling for Fall

Oct 31, 20168 Comments

November is one of my favorite months of the year, It gives me feel that the wonderful time of the year is just going to

90s Meets 2016

Aug 04, 201622 Comments

“Fashion repeats itself” that’s utterly correct. 2016 is currently experiencing a huge revival of fashion scene from 90s. Countless styles and trends which were popular

Hello Summer

Jul 29, 201616 Comments

Getting dressed up in summers while staying comfortable is a real task. Either we are going to work or hanging around with friends, all we

When its OFF, You’re on ON: Off the s...

Jul 26, 201625 Comments

Bonjour Peeps! I suppose I am not the only one who is going crazy for the Bardot style off-the-shoulder tops & dresses these days. They